Most Essential Playground Safety Measures For Tweens

Are you worried about the safety of your tween in the playground? If your kid is active enough, you shouldn’t stop him playing just because you’re worried about his safety in the playground.

Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid playground injuries for your tween.

Here are a few safety measures that every tween must be ensured.

  1. Most of the tweens get injured by using the equipment installed for older children. So, encourage your kids to play with equipment specially designed for small measures
  2. Falls are most common injuries seen in tweens, so ensure that your kid knows his pace and don’t cross his limits. Ensure that the playground in your home includes more than concrete or just grass and is covered with bark mulch, shredded tyres and pea gravel.
  3. Although swings are great fun for your little one, they can possibly be the most hazardous for small children. So, to avoid injuries due to swings, ensure that the swing is in a safe condition and they are not surrounded with any hazardous objects like fences or trees.
  4. Whether it is you or the caretaker of your child, ensure that your child is under safe supervision at all times to prevent injuries. It is also very essential for you to ensure that your child is playing in safe playgrounds that are specially designed for little children.


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