Parenting Children? Methods To Control Your Anger On Them!

You reach a time in your daily life where you need a break.

The break can be from household work, daily routine or from your children.

Yes, it is important to take a break for yourself.

You can achieve the needed time-out in several ways. Some ways are simple and some are not. You have to allow positive thoughts in your mind. Avoid stressful situations and people who contribute to stress. [Stress of Parenting]

Children are born knowing how to irritate you. They try to irritate by doing something to anger you. If it does not work, they will try until it works.Parenting Children

Calm yourself! The most important thing in parenting children is to remember to calm yourself before doing something you might regret. It is all right to think about how to react but you should become calm.

These feelings are normal and there is no need to feel guilty. When you feel angry at any moment, think that moment as teachable moment. While parenting children, you are teaching your child how to handle anger. If you remain calm, there are chances that your child also remains calm.

Share your stress! If you find a parent buddy when parenting children, it is good to share your stresses with them. A parent buddy is a trusted adult who understands your stress and will be there for love and support. [Relieving Stress in Child]

This is beneficial during the times you need someone to come and relieve you from parenting children for an hour. You can also help your parent buddy when he needs favor or help at lonely time.

You can select a parent buddy from your family member or your husband or wife when parenting children. You can also select neighbors.

You can change your routine to help break up the monotony. You can take rest or play which is beneficial in parenting children and for you.

When parenting children, it is challenging to control your feelings when you are angry. Do not discipline your child when you are angry and unable to control your emotions.

When you are angry, you cannot think clearly and will not be able to choose the best way to discipline.

Methods to control your anger:

  • A method which can be used when parenting children to control anger is counting to ten before you respond to your child. This gives opportunity and will help you to calm down.
  • The second method of parenting children when you are angry is, taking deep breaths which turns off the brains’ stress hormone and will help your body to return to a more relaxed state.
  • The third way of parenting children when you are angry is, cool off your temper by tightening your muscles. Starting at your feet, curl your toes into a tight ball and relax them. Tighten up each muscle by moving up your body. Relax it until it your body goes limp. This helps your body to relax.
  • Another option to cool off when parenting children is exercise. Exercise helps to diffuse anger. You can run, swim, jump or bike to come out of anger.
  • Another option to cool off includes walking away from the situation and closing the door. If your children are not old enough to be left alone, take a brisk walk around the block.
  • Getting upset and cooling down is normal when you are parenting children. If you follow the above ways in parenting children, you are modeling wonderful methods for your child to handle your and your child’s emotions.


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