Parenting Tips for Toddlers – Dealing with the Toddler Years

Having a baby is an exciting time but it is also a stressful time. As a baby grows to the toddler stage, there is a lot happening. The brain is developing at an alarming rate so the child is learning how to walk, talk and communicate with you. There are some parenting tips for toddlers that will help you deal with this stage of your child’s development.

Parenting tips for toddlers – Sleeping in own bed

As the baby moves into the toddler stage, the sleeping arrangements may become an issue. Going from a crib to a bed is a big change and there are times that a child will want to sleep with the parents. This is more of a security issue than anything else.

Parenting-tips-for-toddlersThe first way to ensure that your toddler sleeps in his or her own bed is to set up a schedule and then stick to it. Encourage naps during the day in the bed – two or three small naps are great for a child under three.

The toddler will also need 11 hours sleep at night. By setting the routine and not giving in will make it clear for the toddler that you mean business. This is a good parenting tip for toddlers.

The napping in a bed is also a great way to ease the toddler into his or her own bed. This will offer the chance to get used to it during the day, when everything in the room can be seen.

The toddler also knows that you are just a few steps away if you are needed. Being in the room until the toddler sleeps for the first few nights is also a way to help with the comfort and safety.

Potty training

This is something that all parents need to go through and is something that some will struggle with.

The most important tip to follow is not to rush the child into learning how to use the potty. Yes, you want to get your child out of diapers as soon as possible but rushing will cause psychological issues.

Praise the toddler when the potty is used but avoid scolding when nappies are preferred. The toddler may also rebel if you rush and this will lead to medical complications.

Offer rewards when the toddler does use the potty. This is a difficult time for your child; he or she will be learning something new and it is not always pleasant. A quarter to put in the piggy bank or a piece of candy will let the child know that he or she has done well. Of course, when it comes to following these parenting tips for toddlers, you need to ensure that you do not overdo it.

These are just two situations that will arise while your child is going through the toddler stage. The trick to parenting tips for toddlers is to be patient and understanding. The child needs to be comfortable with you and the situation before he or she will do what you want.



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