Parenting Tips To Make Safe Choices For Your Kids

child using internetWhile different circumstances could mean different choices have to be made by parents, there are some parenting tips that could serve you well, under most circumstances. A useful checklist:

  • How much internet use, TV viewing or video game playing is your child indulging in? Keep tabs, set limits and enforce them.
  • Pay attention to what the child eats; take time and put in effort to see that it is nutritious. Nutrition that a child gets will set a pattern for life and will make for lifelong good habits and good health.
  • Don’t ignore the aches and pains, the niggling problems. Make sure that your child is in good health by showing them to a doctor whenever required.
  • Set bedtimes and enforce them; inadequate sleep for a child is the reason for a host of problems. Make sure that the child gets adequate quality sleep.
  • Choose a caregiver very carefully for when you are not going to be around.
  • Be firm but gentle; and non physical in your discipline. Losing control is not good for the parent or the child.
  • Basic rules and limits are a good thing. Children like to know that there is a person in charge.

Source: Advertiser-Tribune


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