Why Parents Should Not Dominate Their Child?

There is a misconception among parents that more they are strict with their children the more respectful children become. However, studies show that such children being treated dominantly by their parents may start developing some of the psychological issues that may result in some of the other problems.

Being dominant to some extent could be helpful in making children fall on the right path. Excess of dominance could lead to the development of some habits in the children like hiding things from parents, finding an alternative to do the same thing that may lead them in more dangerous situations.

The brain of a child is very sensitive the more pressure is put on it more it starts to get damaged. So, it’s better to handle that with good parenting and with care. Dominating a child could lead to many things some of them are as mentioned below:

Why Parents Should Not Dominate Their Child?

  • Dependency: The more parents dominate their child more they become dependent on them. If the child is taught to ask before doing anything then it impacts the decision-making power of the child. So, in long run, this may act as a disadvantage for them. It’s better to let the child become independent when it comes to making decisions and handling things. This increases the confidence of the child.
  • Lying: Researchers have identified that the children of strict parents are more into lying and hiding things from their parents. They do so in the fear of getting scolded by their parents or in the fear of facing the punishment. If a parent is always strict with their child then the child might not even tell about its problem in the fear of getting scolded.
  • Psychological issues: The dominated children develop more psychological problems then a normal person does. As they always remain in fear and stress of things, the child tends to develop some of the other things.
  • Lowered Self-esteem: Children going ahead with dominating parents have very low self-esteem as they are more focused on maintaining their behavior. So going in the long term when the child starts for school or college they may face a lot of bullying from their classmates.
  • Unaware about their Capabilities: Children having less support from their families and more tightly monitored by the parents could face some of the damage in their adolescent. Since they are not allowed to use their abilities for doing things differently they may face some serious adolescent issues when they don’t know what to do in difficult or work related situations.

Dominance is good only in some aspects of the life but moving ahead in life this could lead to some serious damage that may have some bad impact on the life of people. There are countries in which there are strict rules that parents cannot force their children to do something which they are not comfortable with. However, in countries like India children are highly dominated by their parents. A child is very strictly treated and is forced to do all the things stated by their parents leading to undergrowth of the brain and high dependency on people.


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