Road Rage – An Inheritable Condition?

Road rage is defined as angry or aggressive conduct by a driver of a car or other vehicle and this is something that a parent could, unknowingly or negligently be passing on to their child.

Consider the fact that road rage can lead to quarrels, accidents, crashes, injury and even deaths, and consider if this is something you want to pass on to your kids – after all, kids learn by example and the biggest example is usually a parent!

The fact is that children can pick up dangerous driving habits from their parents – tailgating, driving with one hand, speeding, poor use of rear view mirrors and displaying road rage are some of the less desirable things that kids can pick up from their parents.

In a sense, this road rage of the current generation of drivers is getting passed on to a future generation of drivers, and this is an alarming thought.

In fact, it is seen that those kids who learn driving formally from an instructor, are more likely to be safe drivers and also more likely to pass their driving test.

So if parents want that they should not pass of their road rage and any other bad driving habits that they have, they should do the following:

  • Leave it to the professionals when it comes to teaching kids how to drive; an instructor will likely do a far better job than an impatient parent.
  • Set a good example with your own driving – behave politely with other road users, follow road discipline carefully, check blind spots, feed the wheel when you turn, don’t brake too hard or too late.
  • The parent can get together with the child’s driving instructor to provide support and the best environment for learning; and don’t give contradictory instructions from the formal lessons either.


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