Safety Tips When Traveling With Children By Public Transport

If you are traveling by public transport such as the Metro or the bus, particularly with two or more kids in tow, it would be useful to keep the following in mind:

  • The adult should be the last one to cross the turnstile. Wait until all the children have crossed over one by one, with strict instructions for them to wait there, after crossing. Then the adult can cross the turnstile, this way no child gets left behind and if there is some problem with the turnstile, the adult can sort it out.mother traveling with children
  • Teach the children proper platform etiquette. Explain why it is important to keep away from the edge of the platform for fear of falling onto the tracks. Also explain why it is important to approach the train only when it has stopped fully. Give proper instructions about hand holding and keeping together.
  • If on the off chance that a child gets separated from the adult, or gets on the wrong train alone, there should be a backup plan. This should be outlined to the child beforehand. Either the child gets off at the next station and waits for the adult or if old enough can use a payphone to call the adult on their cell for further instructions.


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