Some iPhone Apps For Parents

OK now while we are not suggesting that you start out your toddler on a bunch of video games, it does make sense to load a few apps on your iPhone that, in an emergency may be useful and appropriate enough to distract an upset, bored or inconsolable toddler.

Scribble is an interesting iPhone app for kids, which lets them use their fingers to draw on to the screen and then a shake can erase the drawing and let them start all over again! This app is game

Flashmath is a series of number related activities that increase in difficulty depending upon the age of the child. Math problems ranging from kindergarten children to 5th grade children are available.

Bubbles bring the simple pleasure of popping bubbles onto an iPhone screen for your kids. This is fun distraction for your little tot and it’s free!

Preschool adventure is another iPhone app that uses concepts such as Colors, Shapes, Body, and Sounds to amuse your toddler.

This is one application that should come in real handy the next time that junior decides to kick up a fuss in the supermarket checkout line.


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