What Is STEP or Systematic Training for Effective Parenting?

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting or STEP is a parent education program developed bypsychologists Don Dinkmeyer Sr., Gary D. McKay and Don Dinkmeyer Jr. The program is published inthe form of a book series and bases itself on the works and theories of renowned psychologists. This is a highly popular work, which has been translated into many different languages.

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

How is STEP useful for parents?

One study conducted with regard to abusive or potentially abusive parents examined how the STEP program could benefit parenting methods. It was found that after participating in the STEP program, parents became less abusive. Their perceptions of their children become more positive as well.

However, this parenting guide is not meant for abusive parents per se. It is a popular and effective means for any parent or set of parents to meet the challenges of everyday parenting. Any parent may encounter tough parenting situations from time to time and can find solutions in the systematic training for effective parenting program.

The book has been used by over 4 million parents worldwide (having been translated into Spanish, French, German and Japanese) making it the world’s bestselling parent education program. It helps parents relate to their children better and become more confident and knowledgeable with regard to their parenting methods.

Anyone who wants to be a more effective parent can benefit from this work. It isn’t just dysfunctional or abusive families that ‘need’ its wisdom and insight.

How can Systematic Training for Effective Parenting make a difference?

Parents who have used this guide claim to be able to create a more cohesive and cooperative family unit with the help of this book. It teaches parents about healthy ways to express feelings, ways to react to negative behavior from a child and ways to set effective boundaries.

This guide helps parents improve communication with their kids. It demonstrates appropriate ways to respond to the inevitable bad behavior that any parent encounters from their child from time to time. The orientation of the guide is towards effective listening and encouraging the child rather than praising the child as an effective motivator.

The systematic training for effective parenting guide is also available in group format training sessions. It can help parents deal with common parenting issues like setting boundaries and making kids aware of consequences of their actions, as well as serious issues like drug and alcohol abuse and prevention of abuse.

Parents can learn how to help their children become more self-reliant and responsible. Parents also learn how to have family discussions, and effective parent-child interactions.

Who can use the STEP program?

It isn’t just parents, but also teachers, schools, churches, mental treatment facilities and other agencies who have implemented the STEP program effectively. Parents of young children to parents of teens can all benefit from the different STEP programs.

To find out more about systematic training for effective parenting programs you can visit the website. You can know more about workshops, kits, and other parenting resources.


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