Tips For Traveling With Children

You may notice that a child who is so excited and looking forward to a trip may suddenly transform into a fidgety, irritable and difficult to please child when you are traveling.[Traveling with children]

To make sure that you don’t encounter an embarrassing tantrum or a wearying argument, plan ahead for when you travel.

Carry games / books activities: For babies, some favorite toys such as a teether, a rattle, a stuffed toy or an entertaining windup toy (not too loud though if you don’t want a headache and don’t want to give others one) may all be good ideas.

Pack things that are not too bulky; for instance nesting toys which all fit one into the other, and don’t take up too much space. But remember to have more than one toy ready in case the baby loses interest and gets restless.travelling with child

For slightly older kids, a favorite story book or a coloring book will keep the child busy at least for a while. Tip: Carry square crayons so they don’t roll! Activity or sticker books, singer puppets, or magnetic board games in small sizes are all good.

As this age enjoy doodling, just carrying a little note pad and some colored pens may be excellent. These things can be picked up at a kiosk pretty much anywhere!

For older children, if you have children who like to read, your job is made rather easy. All you have to do is stock up on books. Even a child, who does not like to read too much, will be entertained by comics, so stock up on the Archies!

For tweens and teens, video games or ipods can keep them interested and occupied for a long period.

All ages can be kept entertained by inserting an appropriate DVD into the DVD drive of a lap top if you have that along.

Prepare a few Games: Infants and toddlers are endlessly fascinated by the old peek a boo game; you can amuse them with it until you literally get tired of it. Lost it is another favorite with this age group. You can pretend to lose something and spend ages looking for it much to your baby’s amusement.

Older babies such as preschoolers love playing games like I spy. Singing nursery rhymes or other songs is also a good pastime that little children enjoy. Playing cards or board games also make for good family fun that children and parents can all participate in.

Be prepared, because a happy or sad child can make the difference between a good holiday and a bad ones.


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