5 Tips for Raising Twins Effectively

Parenting a child is tough; parenting twins, tougher! Twins are double of everything—cuteness, cuddles, love, and whatnot, but of all the “doubles”, parenting them takes the heaviest toll. You need to cater to needs of each child in the pair, and this is not at all easy.

In this article, we will help you understand what it takes to parent the twins right. Some of the following tips may be too stressful, but such is life with twins. However, when you come down to parenting them sincerely and carefully, you will manage great results.

5 Tips for Raising Twins Effectively

1. Two of everything, folks

You just can’t have enough when it comes to twins. You will need to tend to the need of each of child individually and not always collectively, and hence, you will have to bear additional costs in raising twins.

You need to consider buying two cribs, two sets of diapers, two water bottles, and what not. The idea behind treating them this way is to instill in them a sense of individuality. Twins are born more or less together, but they are two distinct human beings which should be treated as they are.

2. Do consider getting a nanny

While having a nanny is a personal choice, you should seriously consider having one in case of twins. —this is especially for the case of parents who do not have anyone from family or friends to take care of the babies. Nannies will charge extra, of course, but they will half your workload, particularly when you and/or your partner are working.

While hiring a nanny, you should stress the importance of having previous experience with twins. Getting a nanny experienced with twins will make your life so much easy!

3. Private time with each of them

As noted earlier, you need to treat each of the twins as an individual. One way to contribute to strengthening the individuality of each twin is to dedicate equal time to each one of them. Schedule your day in such way that you find time to spend some alone time with each twin.

Talk to them, their problems, and ask them how they feel about their twin sibling to make conversations candid and healthy! Your approach towards each of your twin will determine their personality and your relationship equation.

4. Breastfeeding

Many think that simultaneous breastfeeding is not a possibility, but, mothers, it is possible. In fact, it is highly advisable. While breastfeeding simultaneously, make sure you switch breast and babies to ensure each baby gets anequal amount of milk.

5. Work life tweaks

Work life will change dramatically. You can expect frequent short leaves and half-days when dealing with baby twins. You might end up with more day-offs than you estimated—because, of course, twins are double of everything.

Work life tweaks do not mean that your productivity should necessarily fall. It might fluctuate, but if you come up with a smart schedule and develop great detest for procrastination, you might find raising twins not that burdensome on your work life.


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