Tips to Help Siblings to Get Along

It is quite natural for siblings to quarrel or argue for simple things once in a while. But if sibling rivalry or sibling fights are common episodes with your children, it can be quite annoying issue for you. So, if you really want to create more peaceful household, follow these simple tips.

More often siblings fight to gain your attention. If you are successful in making each kid feel secure you can easily solve your problem. So, no matter whatever may be their feelings and behavior help your children feel confident in your unconditional love and attention.

Don’t ever try to support one child and instead of scolding children you can make them calm with words. Show your child that you accept his/her emotions and respect their feelings.

Compliment your children whenever they show love and affection for one another. This will certainly encourage sibling revelry and decrease the chances of sibling rivalry.

At times it would be better if you allow your children to work out on their quarrels. Don’t involve yourself until the fight escalates out of control.

Teach your children to handle their feelings and suggest those fun ways to deal with anger. Tell your each child to count on 10 or leave the spot when the situation seems leading to big quarrel.


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