What Is Suitable TV Viewing For Older Kids?

While it is true that kids are like sponges and pick up a lot of undesirable things from TV, such as inappropriate language, violence and bad behavior, it is also true that TV can be an excellent resource when optimally utilized.

There are a lot of shows out there, which can teach a child about physics, math, biology, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and a whole lot of other things in a fun and playful manner; without them being aware that they are learning new things.

The Discovery Channel for instance is an excellent one for school aged children to watch. The shows featured tell kids about the marvels of the universe and our solar and planetary system; things that will actually help and assist school curriculum.

There are fun shows that feature young kids, who explain in simple terms about laws of physics; even showing experiments without having to create a mess in the house!

Adventure sport, dinosaurs, cars, the earth, global warming, history, health, medicine, space, survival and technology are all areas covered.

The website not only offers details about shows and schedules, it is also a good resource for educative games, interactive puzzles and quizzes that can help kids improve their analytical abilities and general knowledge.


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