Why Children Need Friends?

The relationships that a child builds can affect them their whole life.

Whether they are good or bad, they will always remember their experiences as a child.

What parents do, and how they raise their children, has a lot to do with what a child becomes.

The friends your children make will also help to form what a child believes. Friendships that a child will make help them to learn how to relate to other people.

If a child has at least one good friend that is of their age they won’t feel so alone in childhood. A child needs someone to tell all their secrets to. It is good for their developmental health.friends

Choosing Friends

Children that have friends develop more self-esteem. They have a feeling that as long as they have their circle of friends, everything can work out alright. Your child usually will pick friends with similar likes and dislikes as they have.

A common ground between them helps to build a foundation for their friendships. Children will talk to their friends sometimes when they won’t talk to their parents.

A child thinks parents live in a different world than they do and that their parents will not understand what they are going through. They want to confide in someone that may be going through the same thing.

Friends at School

Friends will make school a more fun environment for your child. A child’s friends at school can provide encouragement. They can help each other with homework and do activities together.

Children that have friends at school seem to have a better attitude about their studies. Playing basketball, football, and joining clubs together with their friends will make wonderful memories for your child.

Friendship and Laughter

A child that has long term friendships will laugh more often. When children get together they like to tell funny jokes and dress in funny clothes. They tell stories that make each other laugh.

Laughter for children can come from things that a parent wouldn’t sometimes think funny.

They are seeing the world through a child’s eyes and children enjoy having friends to share this with. Sharing laughter with their friends is part of developing their personality. It will help them in the future to be a happier person.

Reasons for Friendship

There are many reasons that a child needs to make friends. Sometimes a child does not have any siblings at home and they need another child to play with.

Having another child to play with will help to teach your child how to share with another child and how to relate to someone of their own age.

When a child is only with grown ups all the time they begin acting too grown up. A child needs the freedom to act like a child. Their grown up years will come along all too soon.

Encourage your children to make good relationship choices. It is your job to teach them what being a good friend means. Teach them mutual respect and they will build friendships that can last a lifetime.


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