Wood Toys and How to Spot Quality While Choosing Them

We are living in a world made of plastic, and the truth is that people got so used to it that they don’t really think about any other materials. One of the alternative materials that you should think about regarding toys is wood. This is natural and you can be sure that there are no harsh chemicals surrounding the little one.

There is a multitude of different toys, so it might be overwhelming for the parents to choose the right one. It’s not only about the looks of the toys, but you also have to consider their quality. Make sure that besides being pretty, the toys are also educational so that the little one will learn fundamental skills.

Wooden toys are said to be the safest ones. A lot of organizations are encouraging parents to switch from the traditional toys to the wooden ones.

The main point of the developmental toys is to boost creativity, self-confidence, learning and flexibility of the little one.

Why to choose wood toys?

There are three main categories of wood toys. One of them is the arts and crafts toys. Besides offering fun to the little one it also builds the motor skills of the baby through teaching about muscle coordination.

Educational and construction toys are meant to make the baby concentrate and build developmental skills. One of the classic kinds of toys is the pretend play toys. Just as you might have thought the main point is to widen the imagination of the baby and they make them speak and thus develop the communicational skills.


When it comes to quality, the wooden toys are said to be way better than the other ones. They are both safe and durable. Don’t forget that the little ones are quite sensitive and this is why they shouldn’t have toys made with harmful substances. Unlike the plastic ones, the wooden toys have no lead in them, which is a toxic substance.

It is good to know for the parents that these toys are more hygienic and they are easier to clean. This is because usually they come with a clear finish that you only have to wipe off. This is an important aspect especially in case of the infant toys, because small babies have a tendency of putting things into their mouths.


The good news is that there are numerous different toys to choose from, and you can find these in the online world as well, in places such as Toyshop. In this case you can find activity books, grasping baby toys, teethers and others, according to the age of the little one.

On the other hand there are toys for toddlers, that include blocks, balls, trucks, and also toys that work like musical instruments. In case you would like to make sure that your child develops as he or she should, you should offer age appropriate toys. Although you may think that kids don’t appreciate toys, you should make sure that they have them at hand.


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