10 Things Why No One Ever Tells You How Tough It Is To Be A Parent!

Parenting is a tough job and raising children is challenging.There is no such University where you can get a degree for this job.

No one tells you how tough it is to become a parent [Coping with stress of parenting child].

You should learn through trial and error methods to perform this job.

Here are ten things why no one tells you about parenting children.parenting

10 things that no one tells you until you become a parent

1. No job description for the job of parenting: Is there any job which has no job description, no training program, no performance review and no orientation program. Every job will have all these factors except the parenting job.

Parenting job has no description and you will not have any idea how difficult this job can be until you enter or involve into this job. Parenting job will not have any instruction manual for all the things you face.

playing with baby

2. No such things like ‘perfect age’: There is no such thing like ‘perfect age’ to become a parent. Each age has its own joys and challenges.

The best age is when you are ready and decided to have a baby. You should concentrate on the present situation and the stage you are dealing with.

Once this stage passes, there will be another complicated stage waiting for you.

If you become parent at younger age, you make less money, but you will have more energy and time to spend with your baby. If you become a parent at older age, you can have more money, experience, but less time to spend with your baby.

3. Parenting in television can be easier, but not in real life: When you watch television shows, the issues related to parenting children are easily dealt in the shows. They are never even close to reality. The truth that the parenting issue can be solved in thirty minutes only adds an insult to injury when you watch them.

4. No predictions or linearity in parenting: No one can predict how your child will be after some years. Certain behaviors of your toddler can return after some years that is when your child enters into teen age. The whining and temper tantrums you notice in toddler stage can be felt in the teenage of your child. So, there will be no linearity in the development and behavior of your child.

parenting toddler5. There are no answers from experts: There are no answers for the problems of parenting from the experts. Parenting experts rarely accepts about anything.

There will be always an argument between two experts for answering parenting questions as each will have their own opinion.

6. Parenting can become a torture on your self-esteem: No can tell you how your child will behave at this moment and how he will be at the next moment. At times, your home will be a disaster and your child will be cranky, not listening to you.

Other times, you and your child will have good time spending with each other. If your child is happy, secure and confident, you feel that you are doing something right. Still, you feel that parenting can become a torture on your self esteem.

7. Parenting is a long term project: No one can tell that parenting children can complete in this period. You have to wait for the final result. You will get the ultimate reward when you raise a happy and healthy child to adulthood and it takes many years. In this long period, you need faith and patience to raise a successful child. It will be difficult for you to take any decision now without knowing what the future will be.

8. Children force you to deal with the stuff that you already tried to bury under the carpet: If you try to bury some stuff under the carpet, you can likely to slip and fall flat on the surface. They will force to do the things that you don’t want to do. Children also teach that you are not the calm, nice, clear thinking, competent and highly evolved person you considered to be before you became a parent.

9. No one can prepare you for the love you feel for your child: Although, other people whom you trust, tell about parenting children, no one can prepare you for the love you feel for your child ultimately. The emotions of a parent will be strong and intense that you cannot imagine or feel until you experience them for yourself.

10. Physical demands are easy but not emotional demands: You will try to provide all the necessary things required for your child. Those are all physical demands you can give for your child. But, when it comes to emotional things, you may not be always present in that situation to protect your child.

You cannot protect your child from other kids who use foul language. You cannot explain if your child’s friend does not invite him/her to the birthday party. You cannot hold your child when he/she falls down at the school. You can handle your child’s stomach ache, earache or fever, but you find it difficult to watch your child’ innocence that is watered down by the society.

It really hurts when you watch your child experience the emotional bumps and bruises of life and no one can tell you before only what emotional demands you have to meet when you become a parent.

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