Activity for Children – Keeping Kids Busy and Parents Sane

Children tend to have short attention spans and get bored easily. So activity for children that is appropriate and which will sustain interest can be challenging to find. We look at some pointers and tips to use when figuring out how to keep kids busy so you can keep your sanity:

Activity for Children

1. Activity for children should include unstructured play

It is all very well for you to schedule activities for your child, but it is also very important for kidsto have unstructured playtime. Let your child figure out their own means of entertainment – make believe and pretend are some of activities that let a child’s imagination and creativity have free reign.

2. Interaction with other kids is very valuable

If you have more than one child or have many other kids in the neighborhood, you may be fortunate and setting up play dates may be easier. Even if you have to make a lot of effort to set up play dates, do so.Children learn a lot of each other and also develop better social skills. Also group play and activity for children is so much better than having them watch TV, play video games and so on.

3. Concentrate on outdoor/physical activities

If you have yard or garden, so much the better; otherwise try and schedule some park time or other outdoor activities such as cycling, walking to the store, going for a ramble etc. Try setting up a tree house, a portable pool, a swing or a jungle gym apparatus to keep kids active and engaged.

Want to keep your child fit and active from the comfort of your own home? These wooden climbing frames for children are perfect for any garden and will keep your little ones entertained for hours at a time.


4. Get kids involved in a project

If there is a holiday coming up, get your child involved in the decorations. If there is a birthday coming up, get the child involved in organizing the party, making gifts and so on. Projects of this sort get kids excited and keep them interested.

5. Try to figure out what the child enjoys or has an aptitude for

If the child enjoys drawing, encourage this by getting the equipment and getting more information from the net. Similarly, if it’s a sport that your child seems interested in, get them some coaching and let them find out more about it from friends and neighbors.

6. Don’t push

You may think that a particular activity for children is suitable but don’t push your child into it. For instance if you keep asking your child to read, because you think it is suitable it may just put off your child.

7. Play as a family

Whether its board games, or having a picnic, tossing a Frisbee in the yard, getting together and playing as a family is great. It gives a child enjoyable physical activity and does the same for you and helps you bond as a family.

8. Take help of the internet

There are so many ideas and projects available online when it comes to activity for children. Crafts,educational games, jigsaws, other puzzles and animated stories are just some of the activities.

9. Consider a hobby class

Start your child off on a hobby that is interesting and age appropriate. In an informal class structure, children make friends and enjoy themselves too.

10. Let the child get plenty of sleep

While this is not an activity for children per se, the longer kids sleep the better it is for their development. Make sure that your child gets the requisite amount of sleep as per their age.


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