Are You A Hoarder? It May Be Stressful For Your Child

Many parents may be compulsive hoarders and may not even realize it. And yet the untidy and unsightly habit of hoarding may be cause for stress for your teen, who may be embarrassed to invite friends over for this very reason.

Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder and causes people to gather things that have little or no value over long periods of time.

It is characterized by a refusal to get rid of things even when they may become unsafe to unhealthy to keep around the house.

This can not only create a stressful environment for children and others in the house, it may cause the health, safety and wellbeing of people in the house to be compromised. In such cases, parents could face legal consequences.

  • Cluttered areas pose dangers and can lead to falls and injury
  • A teen may feel isolated from friends not allowed to visit
  • Too much clutter for quality family time
  • Gathering dust, insects and rodents pose threat to health
  • Allergies could be exacerbated
  • Relationships could be stressed between child and parent
  • If parents hoard animals, there is threat posed by bacteria, fleas and other parasites
  • Hygiene and personal care may suffer as well


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