Dads Should Play with Kids, Leave Care Giving to Moms

A controversial new study has indicated that the equal sharing of parenting and care giving responsibilities among mothers and fathers may not be such a good idea after all. The study came to the conclusion that if dads were in charge of play and moms in charge of care giving, the couple would be more likely to have a more supportive and stronger relationship.

The study observed that when the fathers were also involved in caregiver activities such as cooking for and feeding the child or bathing the child, the parents would be less likely to be supportive of each other. This would serve to undermine co-parenting behavior towards each other, found the study.

The study seemed to indicate that it is a better idea for the dad to be the fun or ‘good’ parent, while mother got to do all the chores. The reason that the researchers offered for thinking that such a dichotomy in parenting is required is that when dads perform caregiving tasks, that are traditionally considered female tasks, this could be a cause for friction.

The father’s increased involvement could “arouse negative maternal gatekeeping behaviors (a particular type of undermining behavior) as mothers consciously or unconsciously try to protect their authority over parenting,” the researchers have opined.


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