Everything you Need to Know About Democratic Parenting

Raising children to become responsible and independent individuals can be very challenging. There are many different approaches to parenting which are based upon different theories and beliefs.  One of the parenting styles is democratic parenting.

This is a parenting style which is ambitious and is one in which parents and children participate wholeheartedly in all the activities. This is a style which brings about a lot of positivity and joy in any house. The following is some more information about democratic parenting.

know about democratic parenting

Pillars of Strength of Democratic Parenting

The following is a list of the various pillars of strength or concepts on which democratic parenting is based:

  • Positivity, warmth and equality
  • Understanding, love and motivation
  • Obedience, discipline and rules
  • Respect, encouragement and rewards

Characteristics and Features

The following is a list of the main features and characteristics of democratic parenting:

  • This is a parenting style which helps in the psychological adjustment of children. It mainly deals with choices where children get the chance to choose from the options available to them and thus act suitably.
  • Democratic parenting encourages and involves communication between parents and children. It encourages exchange of feelings and emotions as well.
  • Democratic parenting is a parenting style which demands commitment from the parent of the parents as much as the children.
  • Both the parents and children must be united for the style to work in a positive way.
  • This type of parenting style involves the parents instructing how the children must behave and conduct themselves. But at the same time, the freedom of decision making lies with the kids.
  • If the child violates any kind of rules, then the parents and children together decide the form of punishment in this style of parenting.
  • Democratic parenting style makes it important for kids not to shy away from taking responsibility of their actions.
  • In this style, the kids have to be punished for their wrongful acts but punishments do not have to be very harsh or unfair.
  • The children must exercise control over their own decisions to some extent. Parents do not dictate things to their children so as to teach them independence.
  • Both the parents must show consistency for this style to work successfully and also for the kids to take democratic parenting style seriously.


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