Family Trip: Winter Holidays in the UK

Many families will jet off to warmer climes this winter, visiting exotic destinations such as Australia, Thailand and South Africa. Others, however, will choose to head to equally or even colder places. Families which decide to travel to the UK will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a winter holiday destination with seemingly endless accommodation options, including those on offer at Sykes Cottages. The following are 5 of the top winter holiday destinations in the UK.

1. Snowdonia, North Wales

Home to the highest peak in England and Wales, Snowdonia is a popular destination for UK travellers throughout the year. During the winter, climbing Snowdon can be a task best left to the experts.

However, the summit can be reached via the Snowdon Mountain Railway service (subject to weather conditions). Plenty of cottages are available to rent in Snowdonia, enabling families to explore this majestic territory at their own pace and on their own time.

2. Aviemore, Scotland

Few people would argue that Aviemore is of special interest to families. Set in the Scottish Highlands, which is worth visiting for its breath-taking scenery alone, Aviemore is home to the impressive Cairngorm Mountains. One of many notable attractions here is the Cairngorm Sled dog Centre, which provides sled-dog trips (huskies), safaris and tours of its kennel and museum. This is a truly unique experience for young families craving something different this winter.

3. Lake District, England

Hiring a cottage in the Lake District is many a family’s idea of the perfect winter getaway. The allure of the Lakes cannot be disputed, with beauty spots such as High Dam Tarn, Birdoswald Roman Fort, Langdale Pikes and Loughrigg Tarn helping families connect with the very best that nature has to offer.

Lake Windermere is a popular tourist spot throughout the year, with many visitors electing to set sail on its waters. Families can also visit the Aquarium of the Lakes, Wordsworth Museum, Beatrix Potter Gallery, Cars of the Stars Motor Museum (Keswick) and many other attractions.

4. Dorset, England

Dorset is another popular beauty spot in the UK that doesn’t lose its shine during the cold winter months. Featuring plenty of rural and coastal cottages, Dorset is home to some of England’s finest beaches. The county is also home to Charmouth, which has made a name for itself as Britain’s Jurassic Coast.

While dinosaurs may still roam its streets in one sense, Charmouth has become a hub of activity for anyone interested in prehistoric creatures. Set amongst sheer cliffs and rolling waves, Charmouth’s Jurassic Coast provides visitors with an opportunity to unearth fossils and other gems of the past.

5. Cornwall, England

Finally, Cornwall remains one of the finest tourist destinations in England, providing relative warmth and sunshine to families throughout the year. While surfing and other such water activities are best enjoyed during the summer months, winter in Cornwall is no less entertaining. Families can rent cottages inland or along the coast to experience the very best of this splendid region.


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