How to Prepare Daughter for Periods

Though most of us consider man and woman equal, we cannot defy the laws of nature and physics that sets these two variants apart in a lot of physiological ways. To name a few, most women have a sweet voice, while men are hoarse and baritone.

Men get beard growth and their voice changes while women start having periods when they reach puberty. While some changes are easy to adjust to, some young girls find it difficult to accept periods or menstruation as a part of their adult life. That is why parents have to play an important role and prepare their daughters for it.

prepare daughter for periodsWays to Prepare Her

  • What is menstruation? You must tell your daughter that what periods are. Every 28 days or 1 month one of the ovaries releases an egg. This process is called ovulation. At this time, the hormones prepare the uterus for pregnancy and if at that time the egg is fertilized by a sperm then girls get pregnant. But when the ovulation takes place and the egg is not fertilized then the egg passes through the uterus and out of the body, along with the lining of the uterus. This happens in the form of blood flow through the vagina and that is what a period is.
  • How should your daughter feel about it? It is your responsibility that there is nothing wrong with and nothing to be ashamed of while having periods. Most girls start going through this process by the age of 12. While some times they may feel abdominal or back ache, there is nothing to be frightened about. It is a normal process and it means that your daughter is perfectly healthy.
  • What to do? Your daughter may get her first period when she is in school. Tell her to communicate the same to her teacher immediately. She will need a sanitary napkin and that can be got only from the school. If she is not at home and also without a parent, she should go to a medical shop and get the necessary things.
  • Tell her about the bleeding. Your daughter needs to know that she will bleed through the vagina and the tampons and sanitary napkins are supposed to stop the blood from spilling on to the clothes. But every girl is different and their blood flow will be different. But if however blood does spill on to the clothes, there is nothing to panic. All she has to do is get a change of tampons or sanitary napkins.


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