Is An Only Child Necessarily A Lonely One?

Parents of an only child often agonize about whether their child is somehow missing out or is at a disadvantage, or if he or she feels different. Here is some expert advice on raising only children

It isn’t true that only kids grow up spoilt or that they have fewer social skills than other children; in fact only children can be just as well adjusted and content as those who have siblings.

The actual advantage of being an only child could be that the child display particular academic achievements and leadership qualities.

There is no need for parents to feel guilty about having had just the one child either from choice or due to compelling circumstances.

Also there is no need for parents to feel that they have made the ‘easier choice’ by having one child only; since this can bring its own challenges and set of dynamics.

Parenting a single child can be beneficial; in that the child will receive lots of personal attention from the parents and this can be an opportunity to forge a particularly close bond with a child.

Parents do however have to guard against putting the pressure of expectation on an only child, and also against being too overindulgent and over protective of an only child.


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