Is Attachment Parenting A Toughest Job For You? Here Are The Simple Things That Will Help You!

Attachment parenting is a strong emotional bond between you and your children during their childhood.

It is also known as secure attachment, is a precursor of secure, empathic relationship in adulthood.

Facts about attachment parenting:

  • Attachment parenting describes a parenting approach rooted in attachment theory.
  • Attachment theory suggests that an infant has a tendency to seek closeness to another person and feel secure when that person is present.
  • In attachment theory, children attach to their parents because they are social beings and attachment is the part of normal child development.
  • Attachment parenting is a technique of caring for your infant that conveys the best in both you and your baby.Attachment Parenting

Dr. Sears’ proposes seven attachment tools which are also called as baby B’s.

Attachment parenting tools:

Birth bonding:

Birth bonding is the way in which you and your baby get started with one anothers’ help. It is a sensitive period for both of you after your baby’s birth, in which you and your baby are exceptionally primed to want to be close to one another.


Breastfeeding is a way through which you can know about your baby’s cues and her body language. It is a smart start for both you and your baby. Your baby can acquire brain building nutrients through breastfeeding.

Babywearing or baby carrier:

Babywearing improves the compassion of the parent. Because your baby is so close to you, you get to know baby better. Closeness encourages awareness.

Alternately you may want to consider the best cheap pushchairs if you are unable to wear a baby carrier.

Bedding close to baby:

Co sleeping gives a nighttime feel that helps a busy daytime parent reconnect with their infant at night. Co sleeping minimizes separation anxiety and helps a baby to sleep in a pleasant and fearless state.

Belief in the language value of your baby’s cry:

Baby’s cry is a signal designed for the survival of the baby and for your development. You have to respond sensitively to your baby’s cry, so that it builds trust in between you and your baby.

Beware of baby trainers:

Attachment parenting teaches you how to be perceptive of advice. Be aware of baby soothing techniques and methods to get to sleep on her own. This parenting gives short-term gain but long term-loss. These parenting styles will develop a distance between you and your baby.


You want to give so much to your baby, in doing there is a chance to neglect the needs of yourself and your marriage. Maintain balance in your parenting and in your marriage.

Dr. Sears tell that, attachment parenting is a starter style and there is a chance of some factors like, medical, environmental, or family circumstances can prevent you from practicing each of the attachment parenting tool. These tools encourage your alert by recognizing your baby’s cues and level of needs.

Dr. Sears stress the difference between “tool” and “step” as, a tool can be individually chosen based on its circumstances, whereas a step implies each and everything should follow in a correct order to get the job done. Attachment parenting helps you to design your own parenting styles that help you and your baby to plug into one another.


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