It Isn’t The Schooling But The Parenting That Matters

The school system and the teachers are frequently brought under fire for the way that our kids turn out, but if we are honest with ourselves, it is mainly the parents who are to be held responsible for the way that children turn out.

Increasingly experts are of the view that it is parental involvement that is the key to a child’s academic progress, health and well-being.

Having books around the house is a good thing and can make a huge difference to a child’s development.

parentingUsing the TV as a babysitter is one of the worst things parents can do to their children.

This means that they are unwilling or unable to make the time to be with their children and in the absence of the parents it is the TV that is instilling (dubious) values in the children.

The parents contribution to a child’s upbringing should be separate from, but linked to the school authorities. Share responsibility and share power as well; understand that a child’s education must be a collaborative effort. Activities that involve the whole family can enable student learning.

So rather than sit about blaming the school system parents need to get involved, because what parents do is the number one predictor for a child’s academic outcome.

Source: huffingtonpost


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