Many Parents Think Video Games Are Good For Children

A recent survey carried out on the use of video games in families, showed that eighty percent of parents considered video games important as an integration to other forms of home activities.

However parents are concerned as to the content of these video games and request there be laws to regulate the kind of video games issued.

A survey by Microsoft, producer of the Xbox 360 series found that children in Britain play video games at least once during the week, and of these, more than 75 percent go online to play these games

Many of the parents were not familiar with the kind of games their children were playing on line and others were worried that these games were actually destined to an older age group.

The Microsoft study did show that parents were becoming more informed of the various restrictions that exist to control the access to online games with precise themes.

Most children said they were happy their parents checked the appropriateness of the games they were playing, and though most parents felt responsible for what their children were playing, a large percentage allowed their children to play games above their age group.

Most of the children playing online video games knew that there were age restrictions on games, compared to only a little over half of the parents interviewed. Parents admitted they would be happy with a support system to help them find out more about these restrictions, either by using specific websites or with the help of forums.

At the moment the games are rated by the Pan-European Game Information System, PEGI and are not classified appropriately as films are, there is need for more scrutiny and a safer classification system.


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