Moms Follow Their Moms’ Parenting Practices

Recent studies that looked over parenting practices across a couple of generations found that when it comes to parenting kids and raising children, mothers follow their own moms’ parenting practices, where as fathers doesn’t seem to resemble their moms’ style of parenting.

Researchers at Ohio State University conducted a study to look on how often parents in 1990 spanked and showed affection towards their kids and compared the results to how these particular parents were treated by their own mothers at parenting

“We were surprised that mothers seem to learn a lot about the parenting role from their own mothers, but fathers don’t follow their mothers as much,” said Jonathan Vespa, co-author of the study and doctoral student in sociology at Ohio State.

“There was good reason to expect that fathers would have learned parenting from their mothers,” Vespa said.

Read full story at Eurekalert


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