Top 5 Ways To Establish Morning Routine Of Your Child

It is very important for parents to make sure that their child has an easy to follow and structured morning routine which is not only disciplines but also fun for the child to carry forward regularly. If your little one doesn’t have a fixed morning routine, then it may lead to an undisciplined life in the later years. Thus from an early age of about 3-4 years, it is important for parents to establish a morning routine. The following are the top 5 ways to do so:

Establish Morning Routine Of Your Child

  • The first way to establish a morning routine is to determine the morning waking-up time for every person in the family including your child. This can be dependent upon the number of bathrooms you have in the house and on the time every member departs to school, college or office.  Fixing these times will put your child in a habit of waking up on a certain fixed time.
  • Develop a morning routine chart for your child, using colorful pens and crayons etc. To get your child into the habit of a morning routine, it is important for you to make it a little fun. On the chart, include the time of brushing teeth with some pictures to go by it, include breakfast time, bathing time and other important morning activities in this chart and laminate the sheet. Put this routine somewhere where the child can see it daily.
  • Use a creative and fun waking up method to wake your child up every morning.  You can do this by adding a nice alarm clock to his bedside. There are many fun Disney and other alarm clocks available in the market which can make mornings cheerful for the child and thus make him/her look forward to the rest of the day.
  • Motivate your child by encouraging and praising him/her on accomplishment of daily tasks.  This will keep him/her going and inspire him/her to follow the morning routine regularly and correctly. Remember that every child needs a little backing every now and then.
  • To support your child in his/her morning routine, make sure you add an incentive for him on a weekly or daily basis.  For example, you can promise your child his/her favorite dish at dinner if he/she does well with that day’s routine. This will keep the spirits of the child high and give him a motive to follow the routine chart.

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