5 Parenting Mistakes that you Might be Making Currently

In our busy schedules, hectic lifestyles and packed days, we often tend to make mistakes in one area of life which is most important to us-parenting. Being a parent is a huge responsibility and is something which must be handled carefully.

A few wrong decisions here and some negligence there could have a huge impact on how you raise your kids and how they turn out to be when they grow up. Making parenting mistakes is common, since no one is perfect but the best we can do is to rectify these mistakes in the future. The following are the top 5 parenting mistakes that you may be currently making:

parenting mistakes that you might be making currently

Having Unreal Expectations

No matter how much you may tell yourself to not have unreal expectations from your kids, somewhere you do make the mistake of expecting big things from your kids.  It is important to be a little flexible and allow your kids not to be perfect at each task they do.  As a parent, it is your responsibility to try to inculcate good habits and values but do not expect them to do exactly what you expect them at all times.

Not Taking Out Time for Kids

It’s true that finding a nanny or a baby sitter has become easier these days but this does not excuse you from spending time with your children. Not taking out enough time for the kids is another common parenting mistake which you must avoid making. Remember, your kids must be your first priority and deserve your time and attention.

Early Intervention of Technology

Another parenting mistake which most parents make these days is that they rely heavily on the use of technology to raise kids. For example, the use of mobile phones and tablets to distract kids when they are cranky or crying is not the best idea. This introduces children to these gadgets too early and may prevent them from opting for outdoor activities as they grow up.

Not Setting an Example

You may try to inculcate good values and manners in your children but are you setting a good example of the same? It is important to lead by example and preach what you teach.

Comparing them with Others

It is a big mistake to compare your kids with their siblings or their friends as this can demotivate them, create a feeling of insecurity and may undermine their confidence.

Making these mistakes does not make you a bad parent but it is important to improve wherever you can and start afresh.


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