What Parents can do to Let Kids Deal with TV Violence

There is no denying of the fact that our kids learn what they hear, what they see and what they observe. This is why TV and other forms of Media have a deep impact on them and their thinking.  A lot of shows on TV portray a great deal of violence in the form of fights, kidnappings, murders, accidents, war scenes and other such visuals.

This can settle in the minds of the young and remain deep rooted as they grow up.  This eventually shows up in their behavior, attitude and values. But isn’t that something to worry about as parents? This is why we have come up with a few suggestions that will help you to deal with TV violence and your children.

what parents can do to let kids deal with TV violence

Restrict the TV Time

One of the best ways to deal with TV violence and its impact on your kids is to restrict the number of hours of watching TV.  Make sure kids do not watch TV for more than 1 or 2 hours in a day and the things they watch are administered and watched over by you.

Child Lock Channels

If there are any particular TV Channels which showcase a lot of violence then make sure you get them locked so that their access can be restricted. Ofcourse, you cannot avoid violence viewing altogether but still restrict a few of the very harmful ones.

Discuss Violent Content with your Kids

The best way to help children deal with the violence they view or have viewed on TV is to openly discuss it. You must help them differentiate between reality and fantasy and should hear what they have to say about violent content. If kids get scared or disturbed with such shows, make sure you comfort them and divert their mind to other things.

Encourage Kids to Take Part in Fruitful Activities

TV viewing is definitely important but excess of it can be bad. This is why you must encourage kids to take part in other activities where they can keep their mind off the violence. Motivate them to take up sports, music, arts etc. as a hobby so that they do not find much time to watch TV.

Do not Promote Violence

If you ever seem engaged in violence and seem impressed by it when it is on TV, then children will learn to do the same. So never openly say anything positive about violence but always condemn it.


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