Parents’ Worry May Be Killing Kids

It’s true that children today are far more supervised and parents are far more protective of them than ever before. The kind of freedoms that kids have enjoyed has been consistently dwindling over the past few generations. Whereas our grandparents were free to roam the neighborhood all day as children, provided they got back home at sunset, today it is unthinkable for parents to let their kids out alone at all!

parent taking child to schoolA recent study however has shown that this overprotective attitude of constant parental supervision may be doing more harm than good to children.

Out of fear (often wholly imagined) of abduction or accidents, parents drive their kids to school rather than let them walk.

This actually is more dangerous for the kids who will end up being sedentary and at greater risk of obesity and lifestyle related problems that are even more harmful to the kids.

Due to these parental fears, kids are being cooped up indoors rather than be permitted to play outside. The inevitable amusements indoors are TV and computer access, which cut into the amount of physical activity, children, should be engaging in.

Aren’t we taking things too far when a mother comes under fire for letting her 9 year old ride the subway alone the way Lenore Skenazy did? Skenazy, author (Free Range Kids) and former Daily News columnist, is urging parents to take their kids to a park – and leave them there alone. Perhaps we should be listening?

Source: True Slant


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