PTA Events – Who Should Attend?

With marriage, divorce and remarriage being what it is in modern times, families and family structures are becoming ever more complex with more than one set of parents, and several step parents, and shared custodies of children.

In such a scenario, several questions as to a child’s upbringing arise – one of them being whether it should be the biological parent who attends Parent Teacher Association meetings or the step parent.

The answer to this is – it depends. If the new partner of a biological parent is more involved in the upbringing and care of children, their education and their activities, it makes more sense for them to attend.

However, this may not always be possible since relationships between exes can often be less than cordial, and assuming care of children could be seen as controlling and manipulative behavior even if it is not so.

Parents can have trouble dealing with the changed family dynamic and with relinquishing control over the kids in any form or fashion; there may be resentment and animosity. It is important to remember that in this hostile environment it is the children that suffer.

They are a victim of the situation and for their sake the situation has to be sorted out in an amicable way. If a solution cannot be reached it may be wise to seek counseling.


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