Talk To Your Dad – It’s The Secret To Being Happier

In our times of dysfunctional families and estranged parents, it is important to realize the importance of actually talking to one’s father.

Recent research has shown that those kids who talk to their dads more were more likely to be happy than others who rarely spoke to their fathers.

It is a sad reflection on the dynamics of the modern family that only 13% of children surveyed said that they speak to their fathers most days, while as many as 46% of those surveyed said they hardly ever spoke to their fathers.

The study, whose findings were released to coincide with the Father’s day weekend, found that children tend to speak less with their fathers as they grow older, particularly about the more important issues.

What is significant about the findings of the study is the fact that the well being of a child is positively impacted by the involvement of a father with his children; that the happiness of the child is closely linked to how often they speak with their father.

Issues crop up due to living apart from the father or alienation due to other reasons which result in deterioration of the father – child bonds.


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