Top 10 Signs of Bad Parenting

In order to be able to be a good parent, it is good to know about the 10 signs of bad parenting.

There is no general definition of a good parent, but everybody knows what it means to be a bad parent.

10 Signs of Bad Parenting

Neglecting the child is part of top 10 bad parenting signs

If the child is neglected, he or she will start feeling insecure. It is important to love children and not to neglect them. It is the job of parents to offer a sense of security to the child.

Compare and criticize

There is no perfect child. Comparing and criticizing is a bad habit that parents should avoid. It is better to encourage the child to make the right decisions than to criticize him.

Verbal and physical abuse

The 10 evidences of bad parenting also include any kind of abuse. This is something that has a long lasting effect on the child. Even when scolding, the parents should use the right language.


Keep in mind that there is a big difference between loving and pampering. If you pamper the child, he or she will have a lot of negative traits.


Remember that forcing the child is one of the 10 signs of bad parenting. This also has a negative effecton the child. It is important for the parents to respect the decisions of their children.

Screaming and shouting

When scolding the child you shouldn’t scream or shout because they belong to the 10 bad parentingevidences. It is better to make the child understand that he or she made a bad decision.


Sometimes it is necessary to punish the child, but unnecessary punishment should be avoided at all costs. If the child is punished too often, after a while he or she will become immune to punishments.


In order to avoid the 10 signs of bad parenting you should never ignore or shut your child out. The child should always feel important, but he or she shouldn’t always be in the center of attention.

Vent your anger

We all have bad days, but if you vent your anger on your child, you will show one of the 10 indications of bad parenting. Remember that whatever happened to you, it’s not your child’s fault.

Role model

Whatever you do, your child will do it as well. Not behaving appropriately in front of your child is one of the 10 signs of bad parenting.


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