What Are You Tired Of As A Parent? Make A List

Burning out can happen at work, but equally it can happen to a parent; even the most caring, responsible and loving parent can ‘burn out’. So what it is that tires you out as a parent? It could be regular tantrums from a toddler, acting out by a pre-teen, or a teen spending too much time online; or it could just be that you struggle to create quality time for the family?

Whatever it is that you find most tiring; make a list of these things that bother you.

If you find that you have filled up several pages with the things that tire you and bother you; then it may be best that you get some direction in terms of family counseling or at least some parenting 101.

If however your list is of reasonable length then try and prioritize it and then try tackling those problems one at a time.

Involve others who are connected with issues, a spouse or even an ex spouse or parents, grandparents and so on.

Once you make a start, give it your best shot and try your best to try and solve the problem. So avoid parental burnout by simply identifying and then resolving your problems.


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