Why Attachment Parenting So Important For Your Baby And How You Can Do It Right?

Attachment parenting works so well in getting to know your baby better.

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to make your baby happy.

Attachment parenting creates a strong bond between you and your baby and babies are made really pleasing to our eyes.

Due to the attachment parenting, you become more lovable towards your baby because you have created them.

Attachment parenting style is created due to the natural desire born inside you to make your baby happy.

There is no need of label to make it official such as attachment parenting to make your baby happy and comfortable because parents have been raising their babies with this style of parenting long before experts gave this name.Attachment Parenting

What Is Attachment Parenting?

What is the meaning of attachment parenting which is the label given by experts? Attachment parenting is nothing but which includes not allowing your baby to cry to sleep, breastfeeding time to time and co sleeping. It also involves nursing, cuddling and singing to help your baby to calm down and return to sleep.

Allowing The Baby To Cry!

Experts also said that baby should be allowed to cry for themselves to sleep but this method should not be used in the first six months of baby’s life. As a parent you will agree that in the first six months, allowing the baby to cry in the crib can be painful and torturous.

But some parents support crying-it-out method and say that babies should learn themselves at an early age to put themselves to sleep for few nights and this way they can learn to sleep themselves.

Not A Valid Option!

But parents who support attachment parenting feel that allowing the baby to cry is not a valid option. They also feel that baby should know that someone is always there to take care of them and if they cry in the middle of the night, they are always there to soothe them back to sleep.

But in contrast, baby sleep experts warn that babies should not be taken out of their crib in the middle of the night as babies always depend on their parents to soothe them back to sleep.

Breast Feeding!

You agree that breastfeeding is best for babies but everyone do not agree with it. Some experts give schedule for the new mom for feeding and some experts suggest that a certain amount of time on each breast is the key to optimum nutrition without making baby to rely too much on a breast for comfort.

Nursing Is Important!

Attachment parenting involves nursing which not only delivers nutrition but it is also a powerful bonding tool to comfort the baby. The new mothers feel that if they are comfortable with the frequent feedings and if that is what the baby wants, then why the baby should not be allowed to nurse whenever they want.

Co Sleeping Arrangement!

Co sleeping is the arrangement where the baby sleeps in the bed with mom and dad and this works well with mothers who are nursing because many times mother continues to sleep and baby nurses throughout the night.

Parents also feel that bonding increases with co sleeping and their nervousness is decreased if the baby sleeps with them. But some critics pointed out that if the baby is habituated to sleep with parents, they will never sleep in their own bed and there is a risk of parents rolling on the baby.

Attachment parenting is not easy since you have to be with the baby always for the first few months. According to the studies, children raised with attachment parenting are not spoiled and not dependant on parents but rather they became confident and self-sufficient.

You should do what ever you can to make your baby comfortable and safe with attachment parenting.


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