Easy Potty Training Tips For Your Little One!

Potty training should be given for the children who are aged between 2 to 4 years.

Some children will learn it very sooner where as others take lot of time i.e. until 5 years.

Your child must have completed at least 1 ½ year before starting the potty training.

Generally the children below 2 years tend to urinate at least 8 to 10 times in a day.

We cannot teach potty training for such children and they will be not able to understand what we are saying to them because that much understandability and maturity will not be present in them. So, potty training is not recommended for the children who are aged below 20 months.Potty Training Tips

Here are some potty training tips which are helpful to train your child:

  • The first tip of potty training is to teach your child how to pull on and pull off his pants on his own. You have to provide potty seat or step stool or potty chair for your little one and teach him regarding flushing and proper hygiene.
  • Most of the children learn this thing easily by watching their sibling or parent.
  • Give systematic and simple instructions for him so that he doesn’t feel difficult to perform the task on his own.
  • Praise or reward him when he performs the task correctly by following all your instructions.
  • In order to create awareness for your child on potty training, make him to go for potty every hour even though they don’t feel like coming. By this, certainly your child will get consciousness on potty training.
  • Check the pants of your child regularly and praise him if he has dry pants.
  • Don’t behave in harsh and rude manner if your child does any mistake. Patience is the necessary aspect which has to be present with in you while making your child to learn potty training.
  • Make your child to read and see all the potty training books and videos so that he gets an idea on how to perform the task in the right manner.
  • Decorate the potty seat or step stool or potty chair of your chair with colorful stickers so that he feels interest to perform the task more often in it.
  • Choose or select the potty along with your child.
  • While making him to learn potty training, dress him in leggings or trousers. The dressing will be easy to pull on and pull off without any difficulty.
  • Teach him in pleasant and cheerful manner to make potty training as an enjoyable experience for your child.


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