Tips for Night Time Potty Training for Boys

Potty training is an important milestone of children’s development. While a child can have no problemsduring the day, when the night comes, it’s an entirely different story. In order to make life easier for the parents, there are some tips for night time potty training for boys.

Offer an Alternative

It might be a good idea to offer the child to choose between undies and pull-ups. It is possible that the child is tired and they don’t want to get up in the middle of the night just to get to the toilet. This will also give the child a sense of security and the feeling that they are in control without being pressured.

Potty Training at Night


In case you are looking for night time potty training ideas for boys you should know that if the child is constipated, there is more pressure to the bladder, and he will need more frequent visits to the bathroom. This is why you should make sure that he has enough beans, fruits, and vegetables.


It might be a good idea regarding the tips for night time potty training for boys to limit the fluid intake before bed. However, this means that the child will need to drink more liquids during the afternoon so that he won’t become dehydrated.

Bathroom Use

To make sure that your sleep won’t be interrupted by the little one, as one of the night time potty training tips for boys you should make sure that your son goes to the bathroom an hour before bedtime and right before bedtime so that there will be no residual urine in his bladder.

Training Toilet

When it comes to the tips for night time potty training for boys, you might want to cheat a bit. You could get a training toilet for the room of the little one. This way he will get used to using the toilet without having to leave his room. This will be beneficial for the entire family.

Urge the Bathroom Visits

If you really need a good night’s sleep, you can use another one of the tips for night time potty training for boys. Wake the child up right before you go to sleep and take him to the toilet. This way you can be sure that you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to escort him to the bathroom.


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