16 Celebrity Moms Trying To Pull Off Single Parenting

Celebrity Moms

If you are thinking that celebrities have it all, well think again. They live the same kind of life we do, except that their trials and tribulations feed the need for gossip of the public opinion.

Perhaps we are used to see them blew it but there are certain examples that would teach any of us that their lives are not exactly heaven on Earth.

They are beautiful, famous and they seem to have it all. Celebrity moms are the most natural thing ever and being a single mom at Hollywood seems to have become a trend. Still we should not be so sure that they really want to be single and raise their kids without a father figure.

They deserve our respect because they are making both celebrity and single parenting work.

1. Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock is for sure a dear. Everybody likes Sandra for her fun roles, cute personality and adorable being.

Still Sandra went from heaven to hell these last months winning the Oscar and finding out her husband was cheating her all along while she was raising his kids. So, hats off for Sandra because she got divorced and adopted baby Louis Bardo by herself.

2. Britney Spears


Britney Spears has surely been the talk of the world with her ups and downs in career and love life. Sometimes smart, sometimes simply desperate this girl is trying her best to raise her kids and stay famous.

The last year she seemed a lot more balanced and a lot more fit to be a single mom. Still she does it by herself. Sean Preston and Jayden James seem to be her reason to smile in this world.

3. Sharon Stone


Adoption is certainly a trend in Hollywood and Sharon Stone tried it too. After having a son with Phil Bronstein – Roan Joseph, she got divorced and adopted two more Laird Vonne Stone and Quinn Kelly. It seems single parenting became a hobby for the ex sex symbol and this hobby fits her perfectly.

4. Liv Tyler


Famous daughter of her famous father Liv Tyler is a fan of unconventional parenting. Milo William lives with his mom but Liv encourages him to have a relationship with his dad. Cool of Liv for being cool because it does not seem likely that she will be single for long.

5. Sheryl Crow


Sheryl Crow took on single parenting after getting out of a relationship. She is talented, quite beautiful and known for her vivid personality.

Yes, Sheryl is a cool single mom and Wyatt Steven Crow is going to make her very proud. She adopted him by herself and does her best to be a dream mom for him.

6. Kelis


Kelis is both beautiful and talented but also a lovable single mom. After breaking up with Nas, the baby’s father, she decided to grow Knight Jones by herself. Good luck to you girl, you surely deserve it.

7. Kimora Lee Simmons


Kimora Lee Simmons truly is an amazingly beautiful mother and her kids: Ming Lee, Kenzo Lee and Aoki Lee are equally pretty. This mom is some kind of super mom, designer and career woman but she is also making maternity look like a walk in the park which is not an easy thing to do with three kids around.

8. Michelle Williams


Michelle Williams wins everybody’s hearts with her story and seeing that beautiful angel called Matilda Rose looking more and more like her dead daddy, Heath Ledger, we can hear a heart breaking. Michelle is a brave mom, fighting the life for the sake of her darling daughter.

9. Minnie Driver


Minnie Driver chose not to reveal the identity of her baby’s father but this does not change the fact that Henry Story Driver was anxiously expected by his mom. Minnie deals well with the troubles of single parenting, and doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that her son is only hers.

10. Kate Moss


Maternity sure fits Kate Moss as much as her modeling years did. The beautiful Lila Grace Moss is now the career opportunity Kate most likely didn’t thought she will have to handle by herself.

11. Natascha McElhone


Natascha McElhone is known as a cute Californication star and looking at her you would not say that the drama of losing her husband when she was pregnant with her third child has broken her spirits.

This sad story she is dealing with and taking care of Theodore, Otis and Rex really proves Natascha to be a role model for any mom in the world.

12. Denise Richards


Denise Richards had to face an ugly breakup with former husband Charlie Sheen. The divorce was rough and filled with public attention and consequently Denise ended up raising Sam and Lola by her own.

It’s pretty tough for a mom to be famous, gorgeous and have a life full of a lot of personal issues while trying to bring up your kids.

13. Madonna


Madonna has certainly mastered the art of combining a known successful career with the art of being a mother of four. Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy are examples of how much she dedicates to family.

Lourdes and Rocco are her own and David and Mercy are adopted from Africa. It seems adoption too is quite a trend.

14. Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is no stranger to the celebrity lifestyle hazards. Famous daughter of a famous mom, Kate chose the path of single parenting after breaking up with the father of her son, Ryder Russell Robinson. Kate manages to keep on making her career successful and spend some quality time with her kid.

15. Halle Berry


Halle Berry is really getting more beautiful every day. Maternity suits her fine and she seems really happy. The truth is who wouldn’t be happy having such a pretty little angel like Nahla Ariela Aubry, her daughter? The two seem to be doing fine without a daddy around.

16. Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson is known not to be the one giving up. After a crazy enough relationship with ex husband Tommy Lee she ended up raising her sons, Dylan and Brandon as a single parent.

Yes, she is not the hot playmate anymore but she sure is a hot mom ready to dance for a good cause and show her kids a good time.

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