The Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Parenting

In the modern world, single parenting is gradually becoming quite a common thing, as a lot of estranged couples are taking up the responsibility of their kids on their own shoulders. This situation like any other situation has a few pros and cons. It makes sense to weigh the pro and cons, before you take the responsibility on your soldiers. Here are a few of them for your knowledge.

advantages and disadvantages of single parenting

The Pros and Cons of Single Parenting

It can be difficult for one parent to handle all the things that needs to be handled by two parents together. At the same time there are certain undeniable advantages too. Here are a list of advantages and disadvantages of the situation.

Pros of the Situation

  • Single parent pay special attention to their children, because they are aware of the fact that their kid needs their complete attention. This is more so, because, they kid will not have another parent to depend upon.
  • Children of single parent are more likely to be independent since they see their parents do things single handedly. Also, may times the single parent teach their kid to be self sufficient in regular day to day chores.
  • There is a special bond between the single parent and their kid(s). They tend to share a lot between themselves, and therefore, are closer with each other.
  • The children of single parents, more often than not, grow up to become responsible people, since they are used to taking responsibilities from an early age.
  • If children from separated marriage get to live with both the parents by turn, they will experience more and learn to adopt with different situations.

Cons of the Situation

  • Single parents are less likely to have a lot of time for their kid(s) as they have to handle a lot of work that is otherwise shared between two parents, or husband and wife.
  • The children of single parent are bound to go through the emotional trauma of being separated from another parent, and at times even siblings. Moreover, the single parent also goes through the trauma of separation.
  • If a single parent does not have ample amount of cash on them, they suffer from guilt, which affects their relation with their children.

Ideally it might be best to have two parents, but, even if there is only the single parent, they can make sure, that life for their kids turns out to be good.

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