Now Raising Children For Single Mom Is Easier!

As a single mom, raising children is difficult and challenging for you. Did you ever feel that you can raise your children in a better way?

It is very common to be a single parent and you need to cherish every moment of your life that you spent with your child.

The financial problems are faced by every single mom in their life every day. She has to face the burdens for her children’s well-being. As a single parent, you need to provide your children the love of two parents.

As a single mom, you have to feel the responsibilities in handling your family members to keep them happy and healthy. In order to make every thing fine in your way, learn these things.Single Mom

  • You have to find right job
  • Your child should be raised on your income
  • You should have your child’s support
  • Your expenses should be managed

There are many resources for single moms which provide spiritual, emotional and practical support. You have to find how it will be helpful to you. Find out

  • Where you can get the help?
  • How to get ethical and moral help?
  • How can you create the support system?

You can make the things better in this busy world by following these:

  • The rules for your children are to be set.
  • If your child makes any mistakes then choose the right punishment.
  • Options for housing.
  • Being consistent.
  • You can improve your life through education.
  • Ask for the help when you need it.

Take care of yourself:

You may be busy spending time to do other’s things. Here are some advices that can be followed by you to take care of yourself.

  • Dating
  • Enjoying social life
  • Learn to be proud
  • Make peace with ex
  • Know when to say no

Demographics of single parent:

The percentage of children having single parents is 23% in 1980 and it has reached to 31% in 2002 in the United States. The families with single parents in Australia were 14% in 2003. Since 2001, the percentage of babies born to unmarried mothers is 31% in Australia.

In the United Kingdom, the single parents are 1.9 millions with 3.1 million children as on 2005. The families of single parent are having 1 out of 4 children who are dependent on their families.

From the survey made by the United Kingdom, 9% of the fathers are single parents in UK and 86% whites are single parents.

According to the poverty figures of UK, 47% families of single parent are below the poverty line defined by the Government.

As a single mom, you can raise your children easier with proper planning.


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