Single Parent Grants – Information and Resources

With the rising number of single parent families today, the subject of single parent grants assumes great importance. With the kind of financial difficulties, housing problems and other logistical difficulties that single parents can typically face, many government programs have been designed to help.


Unplanned or unintended pregnancy, pregnancy outside of marriage, divorce and death of a spouse are the main causes for single parent families. Additionally many single people now seek to adopt children to have a loving and fulfilling experience of parenthood even without a long-term partner in their life. In all cases of single parenthood, it may be possible to avail of single parent grants.

Single parent scholarships and education aid

When it is unplanned or unintended pregnancy that leads to single motherhood, there is a high likelihood of the mother not having attended college according to statistics. With fewer educational qualifications, the single mother will have a lower income and less opportunity to improve those qualifications.

This is where single parent grants that offer scholarships can be very helpful. This makes higher education more accessible and affordable for single parents so that they can improve their circumstances.

Government funding for higher education may be available depending upon where you are. Many colleges and universities also offer grants to single parents. Some employers may also offer to pay for a part of or all of the education costs of single parents – the employer benefits by gaining a more highly trained individual for their organization.

Tax credits and deductions could also help lowering costs so that college fees can become more affordable for single parents.

You can get more information about the kind of educational aid single parents can get by looking at websites like www.finaid.orgthe College Board, and the CLEP exam scholarship database. Additionally the children of single parents can also avail of scholarships and grants – more information is available

Single parent grants for housing

The eligibility criteria for these grants can differ from state to state so find out whether you are eligible for grants given your particular circumstances. You can contact your local office of Health and Human Services to find out about the sort of grants available and the eligibility criteria.

Other single parent grants

It is possible to get grants for starting new business ventures and plans. You can find help for homeowners. You can also get job training to improve your employability and job qualifications. You can find more information at the grants website.


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