Stay at Home Mom? Tips to Keep Your Sanity

It’s not that we are ignoring stay at home dads, but the fact is that the number of stay at home mom’s far outstrips stay at home dads. In any case this post is aimed at all those stay at home parents who feel that, challenging and rewarding as their parenting job is, it is likely to cause burn out and stress.

Here are some tips for coping with the stress of being a stay at home parent:

Stimulate the mind

Find the time to read, keep up to date with current affairs, solve puzzles, crosswords, and keep in touch with friends and family by writing letters and emails and so on.

Do volunteer work, or part time work from the home; anything that will help to keep your mind stimulated and in good working order.

Any stay at home parent will tell you about the feeling that fascinating as monosyllabic toddler conversation is, at the end of the day an adult desires something to prevent the brain from seemingly atrophying.

Look after yourself

Just because you are a stay at home parent doesn’t mean that you don’t get up and spruced up in the morning each day. Take the time to dress and look good and wear nice things. In the quest to be a parent primarily, don’t forget that you are a woman as well.

Resist the urge to mooch around in your night things around the house all day; this will just make things depressing for you. Don’t let your looks suffer; this can negatively impact your body image and self confidence. Find the time to exercise and keep in shape; this one applies as much to the dads as the moms.

Get together with other stay at home parents

Arrange play dates, offer to have their kids over to your place when they have chores or errands so that they can return the favor when you need some time off from the onerous job or parenting.

Treat yourself

Your primary job may be parenting, but don’t let it become a thankless one. Reward yourself by doing things that you enjoy, having pretty things around the home or buying something nice for yourself. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment or indulge in a hobby or sport that you enjoy. Remember to regularly assign some “Me” time for yourself.

Communicate with your spouse

This may be particularly important for stay at home dads who may find the role reversal more stressful. Communicate, share and work on relationship intimacy, for a less stressful parenting.


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