10 Tips on How to Help Your Teen Take Flight!

Adolescents are young adults. That means they have already taken the initial steps to stride into adulthood and they must already be having numerous insecurities surrounding what they are about to encounter.

Here are ten ways how you can help your teen take flight into adulthood:

1. Make gradual changes

You have to understand that this is not an easy phase for your teen. Along with hormones there are many other factors influencing his attitude towards the change into adulthood.

Help your teen by making gradual changes to his lifestyle, the way you deal with him & his mood swings etc.

2. Have open dialogues

Since your teen is about to take flight, you have to start to treat her as an adult. That means treat her with respect rather than continuing to treat her like a kid. You will have to slowly initiate open dialogues and have an adult to adult conversation, rather then an ‘instructive’ dialogue expecting her to follow everything you say.

3. Make them accountable

After having made his own choice, the teen becomes accountable for his actions. He might falter once or twice but will soon realize that he is accountable for every choice he makes.

4. Entrust responsibilities

Responsibility is something that we have to entrust to our children from as early as possible. This will not only make them responsible adolescents but also responsible adults.

5. Ask their opinions

To know what your teen thinks about various issues, whether inside home or the outside world, will not only make your teen transit smoothly into adulthood, but also help you know your teen better. It’s a two way street and will create win-win situations for you as well as your teen.

6. Set goals together

Your teen might be on the way to adulthood but is still a growing child. Therefore a little guidance at this point in time will help him a great deal when he is actually an adult. One of the most important things for you to be able to help your teen take flight is that you are helping him set goals and achieve them.

7. Trust responsibly

Blind trust will not help your teen in any way. Just because he is almost an adult now, does not mean he does not need supervision. Subtle supervision is what is needed at this time when your teen is ready to take flight.

8. Talk about their future plans

Talking about what your teen wants to do in future and how you can help him achieve that will go a great deal in making your teen achieve what she is set out to achieve.

9. Listen

Sometimes all it requires is for you to listen. Not just hearing but listening to what is said and perhaps sometimes even what is not said.

10. Be a pillar of strength

Being a quiet and a solid pillar of strength is what will make you an ideal parent for your teen. Be there for her when she needs you, gently and quietly.


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