Antisocial Teen? The Reason Could Be Biological

A new study has been able to show that teens with conduct disorder and who indulge in anti social behavior may not be doing this just out of peer pressure. It has been seen that brain abnormalities could be responsible for Conduct Disorder, which is a psychiatric condition.

antisocial-behaviorConduct Disorder usually manifests itself in aggression and anti social behavior, which was usually put down to wanting to fit in with peer groups and copying the bad behavior of others.

It was also thought that perhaps it was bad parenting that was responsible for this kind of antisocial behavior among teens.

Researchers showed teen subjects faces that were angry, sad or neutral. Those children who did not have the disorder showed activity in the part of their brain that deals with emotions. The children with the disorder on the other hand showed no such brain activity.

Researchers feel that the findings of this study could be very significant since it helps us understand the basis of bad behavior among teens and adolescents. Conduct disorder is more common than we may think and the study can help in understanding of the neurobiology of one of the most prevalent and difficult mental health problems in our society, Professor Ian Goodyer, co author was quoted as having said.


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