Does Your Teen Mix With A Bad Crowd?

Has your child entered his teenage recently?

Do you notice any changes in his behaviour? [Teenage Behaviour]

What crowd does he hang out with? Do you know who his friends are?

If you have noticed your teen hanging out with a bad crowd, what do you do? What sort of action can you take?

Here are some tips for you on how to handle a rebellious teenager who has formed his own clique and will not change it despite warnings:teenage behaviour

  • If you feel your teen has taken up smoking, know first the reasons why he has taken it up. Most teens start to smoke because they feel it is a ‘cool’ thing to do, and also because his peers may be doing it and he does not want to be left out. For a teen, the sense of belonging can be more important than anything else, and he will not want to not fit in. smoking involves the intake of nicotine, and nicotine is known for producing chemical and physical mood altering effects on the smoker. Your teen may not be able to handle it, and it also may become an addiction for him at this early stage in his life. If you are a smoker yourself, set a good example by quitting; your teen will respect and admire you and will also be motivated to do so himself.
  • Remember; prevention is always better than cure. Does your teen indulge in what is known as ‘anti-social behaviour’? Be aware that there are several types of anti-social behaviours, and while some may be simple high spirits, some may be highly risky and frightening. The only way in which you can handle such rebellious behaviour is to make sure that your home environment is loving and stable. Set a very good example for your teen, and make sure that he knows about it. All teens do appreciate the rules that parents set for them, even if they do tend to complain about them and go to great lengths to break them. As long as you maintain the communication between your teen and yourself, and make sure that you find the time to attend all school meetings and so on, he will know that he is a loved child, and will not cross his limits.
  • If you do not know how to cope with your teen’s anti social behaviour and his acts of rebellion, consult a counsellor immediately. Do not delay; it could cost you your teen’s long term health and well being.


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