Having Trouble With Your 14 Year Old Daughter? You’re Not Alone

If you thought that it will all be plain sailing now that your little girl’s past the toddler years, you are wrong. The terrible twos will seem like a walk in the park once your daughter hits her teens with the worst yet to come, according to recent research!

A survey has revealed that girls aged 14 are the most difficult to parent. According to Kathryn Crawford from The Baby Website.com, who conducted the survey, it isn’t the toddler years but the teen years that are the most difficult parts of parenting.

mother and daughterWhile it is toddler tantrums that can be so difficult to deal with, it is those same traits that appear to resurface in kids when they reach their teens.

Girls aged 14 and boys aged 15 were reported by a majority of parents as being moody, sullen and sulky. It was the raging hormones that parents perceived as being responsible for this ‘bad behavior’ on part of the teens.

Parents have to understand the fact that if the teen years are difficult for them, there are perhaps even more so for the teens themselves. It is the teen years that are a period of flux for children when they appear to be at the cusp of adulthood, yet have not left behind their childhood.

Source: Fox News


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