How To Understand Your Teens And Monitor Them?

Teens today are sometimes way advance than their parents because of technology that is just a fingertip away. It is so hard to monitor them even harder to understand and communicate with them.

They seem to be worlds apart and their interests’ unimaginable, making communication next to impossible. There is no quick step in dealing with them but there are sure tips that will make you move forward in getting connected with them.

The first step towards understanding them is to accept the fact that they are unique individuals that need to be heard and understood. Practice the area of listening instead of always nagging, give them enough room to breathe and understand themselves as well.

Teens are in the stage of expressing their newfound independence and with your busy and stressful schedule you tend to miss out on this. Stay in touch and communicate with them in all occasions that you have an opportunity to, a short call or text will do, remember do not nag!

Support them in all their endeavors and if you must decline a request, explain the reason why it needs to be turned down.

Find an activity that you will all enjoy as a family, it could be a board game that will serve as your bonding moment and will give you an insight how your teen thinks, their hopes and how they make decisions.

Another effective way to understand and monitor them is to know their online activities. The internet is one big venue for a lot of things they can explore so discreetness should be taught to them; otherwise, it can breed promiscuity. Here are some guidelines that you can follow:

  • Allow teens the use of home computer instead of them doing it outside; just make sure that you have the administrator account to select settings.
  • Review browsing history from your computer so you know what sites they are visiting.
  • Be involved in social networking like facebook or twitter so you can view who connects with your teen and what are their activities online.
  • Know your kids password without them knowing it so you will not breach their privacy. Remember, the only reason you are doing this is to monitor their activities and know what sites they are visiting.
  • It will save you time and effort sneaking, consider getting a PC monitoring software that will record every activity online, every chat room conversation, myspace, facebook, every username and password entered, every website they visit, every email they sent, even software, image or video they download.


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