Your Teenager and the Temptation of the Criminal World

The temptation of something out of the box and even more the attraction the rebel conduct has on the minds of the young adults is something every parent has to deal with.

From doing simple mischief acts to entering a dangerous entourage the line is very thin for kids and this is why all parents should be on a lookout to prevent their future affiliation to what we call ‘criminal world’.

Unfortunately, most parents realize only very late that their kids have taken the wrong road.

This happens because the criminal world is able to capture their attention relating it to their need to be rebellious and prove that they are misunderstood.

Teenagers seldom realize that the rebellious acts they do can become actions punishable by law.

This is the result of the fact that for young adults the borders between the illegal actions and simple trouble are not exactly clear unless they were previously set by the parents.

If you as a parent did not take the time to explain to your young that it is not acceptable to act as a bully in the first years of education, the kid might think that it is ok to hit other kids or act violently when he grows older.

Of course that until the kids are of age, you as a parent or legal guardian are the one the law will consider responsible. However you must be aware that you can make your young one stay away from a criminal future and here is the most practical advice to be successful in this task:

  • Explain your kids that stealing, no matter how small, are not acts of courage but actions punishable by law. Tell them that in case of a stolen good the one suffering will not be the shop or the person they stole from but the thief who will have to answer for his actions.
  • Talk with your teenager about the value of the private and public property. Tell him that the daring challenges of trashing public goods are not damaging only the community but also their self respect. Explain them what is the legal punishment for such an act and offer as example correctional facilities for minor individuals.
  • Ask your youngster who are his friends, who does he or she hang with after school hours and most importantly what does he do while he is with them. Make sure you verify the information you receive and you keep some kind of connection with the parents of your kid’s friends.
  • Be aware of how much money your kids have on them when going out. Test the way he or she spends the cash you give them or the savings you know they have. If you doubt your kids, make sure you speak with them and if you notice that they have things you know they can’t afford make sure you inquire about their origin.
  • Be an example and prove your teenager you can be trusted. Talk with your kid and offer feedback to his actions. Make sure you commend a good deed and offer a positive example for a bad one along with the punishment.

Make sure you are present in your teenagers’ lifestyle. Being there as a friend rather than a guardian will help them see you as a role model to follow. Growing a character takes challenges and your kids need you to be their lighthouse in the storm.


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