Twelve Principles For Parenting Teens

Here are 12 principles for parenting teens.

1. Parents need to recognize that loss of control occurs, like it or not, as children grow.

If you are a controlling person you will be very frustrated during teen years. Allow for some loss of control.

2. Control what you can. Parents have control of many things.

You control your responses, money, the car and other home items. Exert control by limiting your teen’s access to these.

3. Respect them even when they don’t respect you. Teens are very sensitive and need your respect to hold them through this trying time. Don’t be hurtful — even if they are to you.

4. Don’t be afraid to set limits. Teens need limits. They keep teens safe and teach restraint. Through these confusing years, teens need the structure that limits provide. Remember, you are not “the only” or “the worst” parent just because you set limits.

5. Praise has never been more important. All kids need praise but adolescents really need praise. It may be hard to find things to praise at times.

Nonetheless, parents need to throw out phrases of praise to their teens. “Way to go!” “I like that.” “You have always been good at that.” These phrases help parents quickly give praise. These are also more easily received by teens – they get so embarrassed when praise is heaped on!

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